Sonntag, 14. April 2019


Our new challenge for this month is online on the Lasting Memories layout challenges blog:

Look up at the Sky Day is a fun day to check out what's up there. 'Ya never know what might be up there. An asteroid or meteor may be on its way. A solar eclipse could be on display. A flock of geese or birds may be overhead (you may need to duck for cover!). or, the clouds may be forming into interesting characters and patterns.

Take a few minutes out from your busy day to look up at the sky today. If nothing else, the break from the routine will be relaxing.

LM #442 - Create a layout about what you see looking up at the sky

And this is mine: I love the sea and the cloudy sky with the sun shining through.
I used some cloud cutfiles from the cut shoppe and Just nick. The stripe stamp is my newest achievement from the "Stempelmesse Süd" from anne581.

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